Contribute To Burlesque Experiences Simply To Die For

Live Mori Productions seeks to demolish the myth of the "starving artist." In order to do this, we call on our community and like-minded businesses to invest in the burlesque arts and help us elevate pay packages so we can continue to build the Des Moines burlesque scene with high quality burlesque entertainment.

At every Live Mori Production:

Any profits earned go right back into the business, allowing us to access new venues, quality poster and program printing, and greater online ad reach. It also helps increase production value through professional lighting, complimentary beverages, special gifts for VIPs, and more.

Donations can be a one-time, show-specific investment or a recurring donation. We're happy to promote your business with sponsorship recognition at our productions and online, connecting you with our audiences, in exchange for any large monetary or material/service contribution.

To negotiate a sponsorship or to donate products or services, please email

We're grateful for your support and appreciate your motivation to elevate arts and culture in Des Moines.