Raven Kane

Raven Kane has been entertaining some of Iowa’s largest audiences since 2019. Seductive riddles raised by this dancer, beg the queries you fear to answer. She is a sorceress, siren and maven, one you are sure to adore. Her curves cast a spell to conjure your longing, evermore.  


They’re the Minnesotan mouthful that always gets stuck in your Dad’s teeth. Since 2022, you’ve seen her at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, La Folies, Capital Cities Cabaret, Burly Bluffs, Draggy Divas, Nudie Nubies, House of 1000 Queers, Karaoke After Dark, Nudie Nubies, TC Cabaret, Ground Zero, and can see her at so much more this summer including the Thorns & Roses stage team, Des Moines' Cabaret Luster, and Absurdity's Production team. She's always ready to update your antioxidant intake by giving you the only seed you want to swallow.

Intoxa Kate

A graduate of FlashForce University and a founding member of Cabaret Luster, this smokeshow swirls through Des Moines, Iowa + beyond with her iconic curves and curations of curiosity. As she drips with a decadence that delights your desires, you're bound to surrender to her hips that tantalize, eyes that mesmerize, and a smile that mystifies...

Take a sip and prepare to be poisoned with pleasure by...Intoxa Kate!

Miss Rosie Tempest

A little bit cute and a little bit kinky. She’ll either be the wind in your sails, or the maelstrom that destroys you. This fearsome red-headed temptress co-produces the quarterly-ish Taste Test Improv Burlesque show, performs aerial with Cirque Wonderland. She will dazzle and enrapture you no matter where she is. The calm before the storm. Will she lead you to temptation or throw you overboard? Miss Rosie Tempest!

Cherry Spitfire

Cherry Spitfire didn't waste any time bringing the heat to the heart of Iowa. This feisty flame erupted on the scene in 2016 and is bringing her brand of HOT to Cabaret Luster; Des Moines Iowa's classic-inspired burlesque troupe. With a giggle and a wink, she has been burning down stages all over the Midwest! Are you looking for a memorable Cherry Pop? Well look no further! This fiery Queen will serve you dessert before dinner but send you to bed hungry for more. Here to prove not everything in Iowa is flat, she is a delightful combination of adorable and spunky. But watch out! This Spitfire will consume your soul and leave you begging for another taste. Sweet, unique, and ready to bring the heat. She is Cherry Spitfire! 

Photos by Amanda Pichler Photography